At American Sign Language (ASL), we treat ASL learning as more than just a casual pursuit. For our clients, success is not optional. Their students must reach a specified level of proficiency in a set amount of time. We make their challenge our mission: to train ASL faster with more reliable results.

From year 2007, we gained more and more clients ever since. And we continue to grow by helping out more professors and collect feedbacks from them to make their teaching methods successful.

We develop innovative technology and methods to enable faster and more reliable language learning outcomes for professionals in organizations with critical language requirements, for students and teachers in academic environments, and for anyone else intent on becoming more proficient in ASL language. We know great learning technology is engaging and satisfying, with quality content and interactive program dynamics that maintain every learner's attention. Our systems leverage the element of fun to achieve serious results - where students and instructors see and feel real progress. We also know the tools provided to teachers matter as much as those provided to students. We provide instructors with and the comprehensive reporting features needed to improve ASL program management.